(or who am I? :D)


I'm Polliana and I take care of the whole process for the most amazing clothes to reach your homes!

I have always been in love with vintage clothes, when I was young I loved the idea of ​​reusing items discarded by my aunts and cousins ​​and having unique clothes from other decades. The act of looking for treasures in bazaars, fairs, flea markets has become an addiction.

Cedofeita_vintage was unpretentiously born 4 years ago on instagram - at first just to ship some unused clothes and earn extra income, while dedicating myself to my master's degree and other activities.

I came from the world of visual arts, found myself in vintage and started to dedicate 100% of my time to this beloved project. I try to use my aesthetic references in all stages of the store, from choosing the pieces, ways to use them, photographs, design and the way I communicate.

organically, Cedofeita_vintage became big, it created its identity and today it is one of the biggest and most beloved vintage stores in Portugal!